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applying a tile in a bathroom in Bendigo VIC 3550

Bathrooms, Kitchens & more: Wall and Floor Tiler

Looking for an experienced wall and floor tiler that does things right the first time? 

Our team works across the Gold Coast, completing the tiling for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, outdoor areas and more. 

Precision and quality are our focus to get the best outcome for our customers so they can enjoy their investment for many years to come. 

large minimalist tile bathroom in Bendigo North

Renovation tiler for residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast

Transform your existing space into the one of your dreams with stunning tiling to compliment your home or business. 

Tile resurfacing, repair and replacement in commercial and residential properties. 

Start to finish: tile removal, surface preparation including screeding, waterproofing, tiling, grout and sealant application and clean up. 

Gold Coast Tiling Services


Wall and Floor Tiler

Quality wall and floor tiler on the Gold Coast for all your tiling needs: bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, hallways, outdoor areas, you name it, we do it. 


Other Tiling Services

Tile removal, tile repairs, tile and grout cleaning, tile resurfacing and tile sealing. 


Expert Renovation Tiler

Renovating? Our team of tilers will transform your space with the tiling of your choice. 

Top to bottom wall and floor tiling from start to finish: tile removal, area preparation, screeding, waterproofing, tiling, grout, sealant and clean up. 

tiling bathroom in Bendigo property

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Gold Coast Tiler For Precision, Quality Work, Built For Durability

modern mosaic bathroom tiler in Bendigo

Wall and Floor Tiler

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Bathroom Tiler

Bathrooms are the most common places where we tile. 

Popular material choice for flooring and wall due to its waterproof properties, moisture resistance, hardwearing, versatile look and being financially feasable for a lot of renovation projects, tiles are a no brainer. At least we think so. 

From large heavy tiles to slender mosaic tiles, the aesthetic versatility of tiles will enable you to find the perfect match for your place. 

When choosing tiles, be aware of floor vs wall tiles as they have different features you need to consider such as non slip surface, if you need some help narrowing down your options of if you want the opinion of someone who does this for a living, contact our friendly tilers for a quote on your bathroom tiling. 

We also offer the service of screeding, waterproofing and grouting which is essential in making your bathroom last. 

Kitchen Tiler

Kitchen splashbacks, tiled floors and walls are a popular choice for Gold Coast renovations, new builds and extentions. Elevate the look and feel of your kitchen making it the genuine heart of the home with modern, stylish tile choice. 

The splashback is a very important element of a kitchen in making sure that the space is as durable and functional as possible. From a design perspective, splashbacks are an incredible opportunity to showcase style and flair. 

Why not opt for a mosaic feature splashback? Our team is built of mosaic tilers who are experienced in virtually every type of style and tile. 

Outdoor Tiler

Looking for a:

  • balcony tiler
  • alfresco tiler
  • patio tiler
  • swimming pool tilers
  • porch tiler
  • outdoor laundry area tiling

Our team has you covered! Make your outdoor area usable all year round and enjoy the weather we are blessed to have year round. 

Commercial Tiler

Our tiling services are available for commercial projects too. 

Commercial tiler for wall and floor tiling for businesses including cafes, restaurants, offices, salons, health care, and more. 

Mosaic Tiler


Mosaic tiler on the Gold Coast, our team loves a mosaic challenge. Precision is essential in getting an incredible outcome with a mosaic feature wall or bathroom. When paired with experienced hands, mosaic tiles can be the feature of the house. 

We offer mosaic tiling. aswell as many other types of tile including ston, marble, ceramic and more.

tiled white splash back in Bendigo kitchen

Renovation Tiler

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Tile Repair or Removal

As durable as tiles are, they will show signs of wear and tear and eventually need investment into them to keep your place looking modern, bright and light. 

There are instances where you may need some tiles repaired rather than replacing the whole space, where possible we find an exact match tile (it is great if you already have one!) and replace the affected tile rather than the whole wall or flooring. 

Removal of tiles if a messy and very time consuming job when you don’t have the right tools or technique. Save yourself the trouble and get the best outcome by hiring a team of professionals to do this for you. 

If your budget is tight, you could consider removing the tiles yourself before our team arrives to prepare the space, this will reduce the cost to you. 

Tile Resurfacing

We may be able to get your desired look for less by simply resurfacing your tiles, without the need to replace them.

Have you got tiles that are structurally sound and intact with the only thing wrong with them is being their look? 

Tiles that can be resurfaced are mainly flooring tiles and outdoor tiles, marble, granite, some stone varieties, terrazo tiles, and a few others. 


Waterproofing is an essential step in making your tiles area durable.

Essential for wet areas such as bathrooms, it is a non negotiable requirement to have waterproofing done to a specific waterproof standard in Australia


Screeding refers to the slope and fall or the flooring to enable water flow and optimum drainage. This step is vital in guiding water to its drainage point, to prevent water from pooling in areas of your room leading to faster deterioration of the grout and tiles.

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Why Chose Us

A team of experienced tilers who take real pride in their work and in their results. We believe that our results include our client’s experience with us from the first point of communication through until the completion of the project. 

We specialise in residential tiling of both walls and floors, including bathrooms and kitchens as well as outdoor areas. However we also are experienced in commercial tiling and do work in the commercial space, so if you have a project that needs a qualy, reliable tiler, then give us a call today to discuss your needs and organise a free onsite quote. 

Local to our stunning Gold Coast region, our team cares about our reputation therefore we work really hard to make sure our name is celebrated as our customers rave about us to their family and friends and this is how our business continues to grow into what it is today. 

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